Sunday, January 30, 2011

Church Clothes

We went to mass this morning and I was thinking about an article I read about a priest who felt parishioners should dress up for church. I have always had mixed feelings about dressing up for the sake of appearing the way others would expect a church goer to dress.

As a Catholic, I have always viewed my faith as a personal relationship with God and while I give to Caesar what is Caesar's by dressing up for work during the week day, I feel that dressing casual for church is more about being comfortable with God.

God the Father wants his children to come home to their church community and feel welcome in their surroundings. I would feel like a phony dressing up like I was going to a party when I go to mass. God knows me well. He knows I love him and when I come to visit his house, I come in a fashion that he is familiar with.

And, he knows you and if you dress up, then that is the right thing for you to do. We should worry less about what others wear and just be happy to enjoy time together in prayer.

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