Monday, April 2, 2012

Tour de TMZ

TMZ Cast member Jen and my husband, Tom (a major TMZ fan)

    On our annual Spring Break visit to see our daughter(s), it was priority one that Tom take a ride on the TMZ bus. We didn't spot any celebrities on the tour and I was a little surprised Jen didn't ask if we had spotted any that day, given that is good content for TMZ, because we actually dined at a lunch spot where the cast and star of Castle, Nate Fillion, were out celebrating the Fillion's birthday at a table in front of the cafe (not on the tour route). How did we know it was Nate's birthday? They were discussing it in earshot. Tim Roth of "Lie to Me" was also dining at a table inside and I've got to say, it's more fun to be among "them" than stalking them. I rank it right up there with seeing a coyote climbing the hillside of the Hollywood sign. We had hiked up to see the Hollywood sign earlier and our oldest daughter pointed out the stray coyote (not to be confused with Wile E. Coyote) because this little guy was on all fours and less animated. We do have random coyote sightings at home in Florida, but it's always one of those news stories about how domestic pets go missing.
   So Nate and Tim you are my coyotes, beautiful animals to observe and watch, but not disturb. Not that I think you would harm our pets, but I'm not getting close enough to find out.
   But regardless of the fact that we didn't see celebrities on the TMZ Tour, it was a fun 6:30 pm ride through Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Thankfully the folks at TMZ had blankets on the open bus as it was cold out. We learned that TMZ refers to the Thirty Mile Zone that is the center of Hollywood and spans a radius of 30 miles and was used to determine how extras got paid in the early days and I believe how the unions determine some of the current wages.
  The tour mixes stops where infamous/famous moments occurred and intertwines video clips to keep you from getting bored. Traditional sightseeing tours depend on the guide to keep you interested, but since this is show oriented, we get to watch TV periodically and ride, almost like a bunch of kids watching a DVD while dad drives the family across country (or part of L.A.). Naturally we're playing a road game "who can spot the celebrity" on the side of the road or driving by, but bunch-buggy would have been more successful on that evening.
   My only goal was to see my teacher husband enjoy being part of his favorite 7pm after work habit. Jen was gracious to take a picture with Tom and that was a mission accomplished moment. The only way it could have been better is if Harvey made an appearance or Shaq had stopped our bus! Where is a giant athlete when you need one?

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