Sunday, September 16, 2012

A week in the life of the film mom

It seems like everything converges at once. The youngest is doing the finishes touches on the book trailer for my novel, "Marquel" and the oldest is so busy working that I barely have time to speak with her. Oh, our youngest also had her short film "Relative Eternity" screen in LA SHORTS on Monday! And, our oldest had a great audition, but I can't keep up what project she is auditioning for. When either one of our daughters call, they are using a headset/speaker phone while driving and I get every third word. It's like, "Mom ...don't... for... listen...I..."

I also get cryptic text messages from both of them with no punctuation: dont know how cook steak read 

Translated as a reply from a prior message, a question and demand for attention: I don't know. How do you cook steak? Read!

Now, I'm supposed to understand this while juggling the other tasks in my life. So this week I was getting laptop repair for the oldest daughter, as well as get graphics set and a printing order for her headshots, while the youngest needed props shipped to LA. It all sounds simple, but the laptop repair had several hiccups and problems that made the expense of the virus infected unit more than anticipated. The shipping of the props was a priority mail sock in the wallet that was to arrive on Saturday and didn't. The headshots had a mark in the plate that printed a slash on our daughter's face and that had to go back. All the while, I'm still managing my marketing accounts and attempting to get a roof repair fixed at my mother's and work on the 2nd novel nights and weekends. I really only manage to get weekends for writing. But at least I got a blog post in this week! Finally! Got to rest up for the week ahead and it starts in a few hours...

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