Sunday, October 14, 2012

Marquel Book Trailer - First Ever With An Oscar Nominated Actor!! Eric Roberts!

Our daughters made a book trailer for my novel “Marquel”
Please watch it in it's highest quality "1080p HD" on your settings on Youtube.
Marquel Skinner, Eric Roberts, Blair Skinner on Book Trailer Set
My novel has been in print for a long time, but once I released it on Kindle, Nook and iTunes or iBook, our daughters and friends in Hollywood came together to make this awesome book trailer!                                 Please share the link, as I couldn’t be more proud of them!                                        Many thanks to: Eric Roberts for helping bring my Zach Manning character to life. Blair Skinner (our youngest daughter) and Amy Green’s GreenSkin Productions, who wrote, produced, directed and edited the trailer. Marquel Skinner (our oldest daughter) as the title role of the novel, “Marquel” The whole crew of the book trailer. And Robert Enriquez, who is Marquel Skinner’s manager who brought this project to Eric Roberts and is working to make this into a motion picture.
to see book trailer production photos.

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