Monday, October 14, 2013

Film Festivals are Exhausting!

Film festivals are like sales conventions, you spend 3 or 4 intense days at nonstop workshops and in the case of festivals, screenings, without eating or eating junk, because you don't want to stop and miss anything. Plus there are late night networking events and parties, so sleep is sometimes left to an occasion nap during a screening. That is such a bummer. Because I will fall asleep in a great film to discover the end without the middle. But thankfully, my naps are few.

I'm glad I only do a few a year, but I would definitely change a few things if I did a circuit.

First, there needs to be a stand, like they have for runners, where water is distributed for people going to multiple events. Maybe even spritz our face? Not to mention we need chocolate and coffee here and there. I really wouldn't mind a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a pick-me-up or low salt trail mix.  Afterall, I am supporting the filmmakers and sharing my honest feedback or sincere appreciation through social media and Q&A. A little nutrition makes for more intelligent questions.

Next I would make sure facilitators remind the filmmakers to repeat questions asked by the audience, and then answer by actually speaking into the microphone. Most often the microphone is somewhere between the navel or folded arms and we audience members get remanent sound. Meaning whatever that mic MIGHT capture as the filmmaker gestures during the reply.

More to come...

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