Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I didn't write yesterday

There, I admit it. I spent the evening making 12 dozen cookies for clients and this is only the beginning. The weeks between Black Friday and Dec 15th are my busiest weeks. I bake every night and deliver cookies every day between appointments. I try as hard as I can to give something to all my current clients and past clients who keep in touch. It's not easy, but that's how I roll. I start by sending out Christmas cards on Black Friday, I spend the weekend prior writing roughly 150 cards and this is just what I do for clients. I still have our family Christmas letter I have to write and mail (no I don't Facebook or email it). I am old fashioned, I like ink and paper and the tangible historic value of the printed word.

So today I am supposed to be at our parish's marketing meeting at 6:15 and I totally zoned out and got home at 6 pm after my last appointment and starting making dinner and baking.

I am not Mrs. Fields. This year I purchased a great book with pictures, so I can see what my cookies "should" look like. No matter what I do they always look like a golden brown oyster shell. Then a lady at Bible Study said recently, "use a base cookie." Which I learned is a refrigerator dough cookie that you melt nuts/chocolate/dried fruit on top to look like a fancy dessert. Right! I have to make assorted cookies, so I am playing with the whole base cookie thing and other recipes. My most recent batch are less likely Hell's Kitchen contender's and I don't mean the show. I actually got two nice emails after I dropped off goodies today and that normally doesn't happen. They understand that I am a marketing consultant and not a pastry chef, so I go on the premise that it is the thought that counts.

So I am going to sign off and at the very least write a paragraph in the novel and go to bed.

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