Monday, February 14, 2011

Meat Meltdown

This weekend was interesting and odd. We started Friday night at my brother and sister-in-laws for some grilling and chilling. Chilling in a sense that we were huddled around a small fire and it was about 40+ degrees outside. I am getting colder as I get older and I'm not trying to rhyme, really.

Anyway, we all brought lots of meat and you'd think we were all cave people the way we chowed on ribs, chicken, steak and sausage. It felt like a "Man vs. Food" episode and I was definitely protein intoxicated by the time we headed home with a Tupperware full of more grilled leftovers. I did make cauliflower soup and my sister-in-law made some rice, mac and cheese, asparagus and spaghetti squash, but it was hardly touched.

It sounds like I ate a side of beef, but in fact I ate a half rack of babyback ribs, a half chicken breast and several slices of sausage. Saturday I woke with a familair dizziness and started to think that maybe my Meniere's Disease is aggravated by too much protein. I had 2 glasses of white wine Friday, and that hasn't been a problem prior, so I am making a mental note of this.

I figured I could balance my inner ear crystals with a procedure the doctors at Tampa Bay Hearing and Balance taught me. When I reclined and turned on my side, it was obvious that the crystals were the issue, but how did they get out of balance? When I looked up reasons for ear crystals to dislodge the reasons mostly described jarring physical movement of which I hadn't any.

So in my own estimation, the dietary stress seemed to have been the only thing that made sense? When I first was diagnosed this past Summer I had just lost about 10 pounds on a high protein diet. It was a dramatic physical change, as I hadn't been able to lose weight any other way and I also used fat burners. The result was 10 pounds off and the complications of Meniere's Disease.

I have also discovered that when I eat lots of fruits, salads, high fiber cereals, Greek yogurts and plenty of no-sodium water, I have few problems.

So I am definitely curbing the protein for a while and continuing to track what makes me experience the loud inner ear ringing and occasional dizziness.

And by the way, when you balance your crystals several times over a few days, everything gets back to normal. It's not a long term problem. Thank God!