Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nook Readers, Here I Come!

Well, I uploaded my first mini Nook ebook, "Thrift shopping, couponing, and other techniques your mother shared with you, but you chose to ignore." This is was originally published in 2004 when our oldest daughter went to college. Anyone who reads it will get enough tips to make back more than the .99 cent purchase price.
I had to get started somewhere and this was one of the vendors I met at the Writer's Digest Conference. Now I don't want this to divert from my novel sales with non-fiction, but I am happy to be putting my work out there.
Hubby and I just got back from Bible study this evening and I'm loving the book of Genesis. It's my favorite book of the Bible. Most would say they prefer the New Testament, but I find the stories of Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Joseph fascinating. I also like the Book of Ruth and Tobit, too. Anyway, tomorrow is Friday and I'm looking forward to working on my novel this weekend!

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