Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Tweets

Ok, I am in the middle of paperwork, helping the daughters with writing projects, writing some on the novel and I need to review final ad copy for my clients so I am just going to write a brief blog entry.

Being that yesterday was Super Bowl weekend, hubby and I went to the neighbor's house as we have done almost every year since we moved in to our current home. Jim and his sons are great guys and they host a potluck byob with pool table in the garage and big screen in the small living room and people gathered inside and outside pregame and post. Watching the Super Bowl this year, I had the Blackberry on and I just had to watch the tweets fly from all the advertising people I follow. I decided to join in and it really made the game more enjoyable. I can't say the halftime show or commercials were as exciting as some years, but the fact that I could talk and watch live comments during the game was a twreat. I tweet these days on advertising and small business trends, but I think I am going to tune in for the Oscars with the Blackberry this year and see what the red carpet has to say!!

My favorite Superbowl commercials were the VW Darth/Passat and Bettle, plus the Audi blueblood prison escape! Loved these! Nothing else stood out for me. Lots of good products but way too many themes were rehashed for the beer and chips brands.

Well, gotta run.

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