Monday, February 14, 2011

Text To Self

So as hubby and I were walking around Westshore Mall Saturday after having lunch with family, I noticed the sets of chairs in middle isle where shoppee's sit while waiting for their shopper mates.

I wasn't in the mood to shop, I just wanted to walk and people watch, so I decided to take a seat while Tom shopped for new sneakers. I was fixated on an elderly woman who sat across from me. She appeared to be OCD. She took a pack of Newport cigarettes out of her bag and examined one cigarette and looked it over and then put it in her mouth and I was sure she was going to light it and then she put it back in the pack and started the process again. She did this about 5 times and then started combing her shoulder length thin straight hair. At one point she looked directly at me and I thought I was caught staring, but then she seemed to see past me. She had pale gray eyes, wore thick Aviator biofocals and her white athletic socks were slipped into broken sandals. Wearing a white tank top and shorts she eventually she got up and shuffled away. I thought she was gone and then a while later she circled back through. So I got inspired.

I wanted to write some ideas I have for the novel and I only had my cellphone with me so I thought, I can write a text to myself in the "drafts" section and get some work done.

I was amazed at the development of my plot. I've been struggling for weeks trying to work through some challenges and here I was typing on a cellphone that requires me to hit the key 3 to 4 times to get a single letter to spell each word and the ideas flowed. I felt such a sense of accomplishment and I couldn't wait to get to my computer and get to work.