Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blackberry, A Writer's Friend

Well the prior blog post was written in Outlook on a note. I couldn't cut and paste it into blogspot for some reason, but at least I could retype it easily. I am able to copy and past chapters I write on the Blackberry into Word, which is a major convenience! So lunch or downtime can be a writing opportunity.

We went Wednesday night to see "The Nutcracker." We had never seen it before and our friend's daughter was in this performance. I always get teary-eyed watching young people perform; they are so full of life and immersed in the moment.

The show concluded after 9 pm and I needed to still renew a client, so my husband drove me to the beach restaurant client at 11 pm where we both grabbed a bite and I took care of the ad copy before we left. We got home close to midnight and I was tired enough to sleep for a change.

Tonight we have my office Christmas dinner to attend. I spent the day working on ads and proofs. I am taking Friday off, so I am hoping to write some then.

Our youngest daughter informed us that she got invited to a major celebrity/producer's Christmas party in LA. She is so well connected that it just amazes us all. God has big plans for her! It is our prayer that both of our girls will find fulfillment in their work and that their relationships blossom in support and love.

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