Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

I am not making excuses, I didn't write. But I honestly had little to no time.
After I blogged on Saturday I gathered up my coupons and shopping list and managed to hit 3 stores in a matter of a few hours.
I then stopped at the consignment shop to pick up unsold items and headed home to wrap all before packing up the dogs and the hubby to go to our daughter's for the evening. We decided to stay down there since I need to run my mother to the grocery the next morning and they live only blocks away. Sunday is usually Nana (what our kids call my mom) time. We do lunch, groceries, her trash, recycling, mop, pickup the yard as needed and deal with the cat litter and such.
Anyway, once I had gifts wrapped and sorted by destination we got on our way and dropped the dogs off with our son-in-law before meeting friends for dinner and then we saw our daughter in the play again and afterward let the dogs out before meeting the rest of the cast at a local casual dining spot for appetizers and drinks. This is the usual after show tradition.
So we got home close to 1 am and I had to watch a few minutes of "Celebrity Ghost Stories" before getting my shower. Everyone else went to bed and I finally got to sleep about 2 :30 am.
The next morning I was up around 8 am and picked up Nana and had breakfast with family before the grocery run (that always takes an hour and 1/2 to shop and unload). I shop too, so I have to bring coolers or leave quickly. Then I went back to our daughter's got hubby and dogs and headed home. I then unpacked our groceries and baked for 2 hours before going to the bridal shower. So I got back home at 7 pm and baked till 11 pm. Now I am caught up with all my holiday cookies for clients and I can write for a few minutes.
I will sign off and do it now.

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