Monday, December 6, 2010

I got the coolest idea!

I did write a little last night, but I kept falling asleep. I actually have to write 2 proposals for advertising prospects, but I am going to get my blog post and my chapter finished first.

I am getting a late start. I had appts with clients til about 6 pm and then had to prepare stuff for my home office helper to do and then we Skyped with the youngest who is now in California. That was a pleasant surprise. We just love catching up. She has so many friends since working on "The Help" and we're looking forward to hearing what she'll do next. She found a church she likes this weekend and went to the movies and a game night with friends.

Both of our daughter's were sick in the last few days. East Coast oldest got food poisoning and West Coast youngest a cold.They are both smart about taking good care of themselves, thank God. I would be a wreck if they weren't.

I just got done cleaning the guest bathroom, changing the beds and making chili for tomorrow's dinner; our oldest and her husband might stay with us overnight. We are all going to the opening of a friend's play in Clearwater and we all work the next day, so its easier for them to stay here.

Anyway, when I was driving home from my last appointment I got the idea for a chapter revision. I am so glad I didn't write much over the weekend. Everything always works out and God's got my back. I had written my most recent chapter showing how one character is being attacked when it hit me, what if I showed how the main character witnesses it and she is the only one that sees it.

Well, I am going to sign off. I can't wait to see how this plays out. Remember the characters tell me the story, so I'm excited to see what's going to happen.

Good night.

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  1. I like how we are describe by what coast we live on
    Blair - our West Coast daughter
    Marquel - our East Coast daughter