Friday, December 10, 2010

Deadline day

So today I was supposed to take the day off and I just managed to sleep in and work because a deadline required me to answer emails.

I managed to write our family Christmas letter and pick up some plush fleece to use for a dress-up costume I have to make for our bartender-actress older-daughter. She and her fellow wait staff dress for seasonal holidays and I always get word just hours before she has to wear it, that I am to sew it. My skills are very limited, but being a Project Runway junkie, I accept the challenge as I know Tim Gunn would encourage me to "make it work." And since we are headed to her show tonight along with 10 of hubby's teacher friends, I decide to drop off the materials for her review.

Now my husband and I have been talking all week about getting to the French restaurant (where his co-workers have reservations) in time for the "early bird menu." We aren't senior citizens, but we are talking teacher salaries, so we are on a mission.

Along the way, my husband decides we need cash. I remind him we have a credit card for dinner, our ticket's are comp'ed for this one performance and the $20 dollars we have between us is enough for a glass of wine at intermission.

"NO!" He says, we need cash "in case." So we stop at one ATM and its not working. We drive 5 more miles and we come to an ATM that has a line of people waiting and a drive-thru that is still open, but we drive around the building back to the ATM. The line at the ATM is down to a woman getting money, one woman behind her and soon my husband. I glance down to look at a picture that our youngest sends my cellphone and then back to hubby and he's gone! What the...

A line is forming again and much, much longer. Our oldest sends a text that she is resting before her performance and just leave the fabric inside her house. Now I am wondering what my husband is doing and where he is?

Next thing I know he is walking to the car with these forms and proudly exclaims he went inside the bank, AND signed up for a SAVINGS ACCOUNT! I am wondering if he remembered the cash? And he proudly explains the great percentage and such ... blah, blah.

So we drop off the fabric and now we are racing to dinner and he groans, "we have to be there at 6:30, remember!" Like my quick stop would cost us a full price meal to which I remind him that I am not the one who decided to open a last minute SAVINGS ACCOUNT!

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