Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Saturday, you'd think I'd have time to write

Well, I am very behind in my daily writing goals. I write in the evenings after I have completed all my marketing work, but it is holiday season and I have to run out and pick up gifts for a bridal shower tomorrow, the Giving Tree selections I made and prepare to meet friends for dinner and see our oldest daughter in "The Cactus Flower." We go to the majority of the shows she is in with family and friends. We never tire of the performances and she is really developing her gifts over the 3 productions this year. REALLY! I am not just being a mom. I am very much the critic. I used to write theatre reviews for Clearwater Sun Newspapers and our beach weekly Sun Community News. Not that anyone would agree with a local reviewer, but I enjoy good entertainment.

I have 5 hours to get my errands done. I also need to write our family Christmas letter today and starting printing and mailing them next week, so I will get dressed, but first have coffee and then shop, come home and write a little before the rest of the activities, wrap some packages, OH! I have to get our holiday decorations down tomorrow evening, and do some marketing research for some clients Sunday night. Teacher hubby has already started the dishes, he has to grade papers this weekend and do his lesson plans, so I don't know how much house cleaning we'll do, but first things first. I have to shop! Can't go to a shower empty-handed and I need get the "wish list" gifts for some of our outreach ministry's families. This is fun!

Gotta run.

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