Sunday, December 26, 2010

Now the hard work begins!

We had a wonderful Christmas with our girls and son-in-law. We did the rounds of family visits from the 24th to the 26th and it's such a blessings to have most of our parents here to share in the memories.

This holiday we enjoyed smaller groups and more quality time with everyone. It was different from prior celebrations where "the more the merrier" was the norm. In a way, it was comforting to know our circle of family and friends have lots of people in their lives.

As we finish 2010 it is time to reflect on what we want to accomplish in the coming year and count our blessings for the past 12 months. I can say that my diagnosis of Meniere's Disease this summer was more of a blessing that a problem. While I had a severe attack that was scary at first, I have excellent doctors who have helped me with a diet and medication that have made the disorder tolerable.

Eating a 1500 mg low sodium diet, taking an anti-viral medication daily and learning how to self-balance the crystals in my ears when dizziness occurs is far easier to deal with than many other illnesses. Yes, the ringing in my ears is on-going (which I have lived since about third-grade) but I am so grateful my overall health is in good order.

This realization made me prioritize what's important and what makes me happy. Of course my husband and children are my heart, as are our family, but I had neglected writing as I developed my sales career. Sales gave me a chance to enjoy copywriting, but now I will devote more evenings to writing the second book that I dedicate to our youngest daughter, Blair. The first novel is named after her sister, Marquel. Both novels are works that honor our daughters' names but they are not about the girls. Interestingly each is an extension of me; each with a life of their own.

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