Thursday, December 9, 2010

Now I know why I stopped writing!

Monday evening I signed off and started writing. I looked at the clock a few minutes later and it was 3:45 am! Crap!

A few minutes became several hours. I only wish I had 20 pages to show for it. I can't believe the time warp. I began rewriting and adding the point of view from my lead character and while I did add to the length of the novel a bit, it wasn't much.

Then off to bed, I had to be at an early client renewal a few hours later. I almost overslept. My husband left the heat on and that's what woke me up. I was curled up under flannel sheets and started to sweat. Thank goodness!

We are wimps in Florida, the slightest cold weather and we become Nanook of the North. I felt dizzy from the lack of sleep and the heat! At first I thought it was another Meniere's attack, which was how I spent my summer... coping with dizziness and the loudest ringing I have ever experienced in my ears. I am much better now.

So I made it to my meeting 15 minutes late, which was ok, he (client) was busy opening his store, so I didn't delay him.

Then I checked my Blackberry and noticed an email to stopby another prospect's business to write an internet order. From there I zigzagged around mid-Pinellas County to deliver more cookies and put out fires where needed.

Got home by 5 pm and our daughter and son-in-law ate chili with us and then we went to see a friend's dress rehearsal. The show opened the next night.

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