Monday, May 16, 2011

"Marquel" on the Shelves of Turnrow Books in Greenwood, MS

I took this picture last summer while visiting our daughter who worked on the movie "The Help." I love the fact that the movie is based on a bestselling novel. The film was shot on location in the small southern town of Greenwood, MS. Blair lived there from July to November and I had the chance to make 2 trips up to see her. Turnrow Books was a hub for many of the cast and crew to grab a bite and something to read during the long breaks in a town with no movie theater.
My novel is pictured in the middle of the store shelf.  I'm not the best marketer of myself, I do a much better job for my clients, but I am getting better. I was very appreciative Turnrow stocked "Marquel."
As we travel more, I am making a solid effort to visit independent booksellers and also promote my work. With the closure of many units of  larger bookstore chains, I feel the smaller stores will have a better survival rate. Call me naive, but I think the more unique the store, the more likely the public will drift in, especially with the big guys absent.
Just a week ago my husband and I drove to a very quaint Micanopy, Florida to "antique." We love going to antique shops/malls and eating in local diners and I am always on the hunt for vintage novels by my mentor, Harry Whittington, but more to come on that subject.
Anyway, where is your favorite bookstore? What makes it special? I'd love to hear from you.