Monday, May 9, 2016

A Day In The Life Of An Indie Author

6 a.m. Eat a banana and drink a dandelion tea with raw honey - take my vitamins - read the daily entry of Living Faith and pray for those who have asked for prayers as well as for all our family and friends.

6:30 am Goal setting - review what didn't get done yesterday and plan for:
1# My Day Job - Valpak sales
#2 My Family projects (a notebook with Estate Planning stuff)
#3 Writing / Author related projects

I printed off Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academy worksheet (see below)

after my daughter Blair sent me a link to his video (I review videos in the evening about 9:30pm when I get my other things done)

7:30 am Eat a slice of toast, a boiled egg and 4 cubes of cut fruit and a bottle of water
Start working on the emails for work and presentation materials for clients

9 am - Stretch, make a latte, eat a few almonds, make phone calls to clients and prospects

10 am - 5 p.m. head out the door for meetings and cold calling, lunch and such

5:30 pm Make a light meal, at least once a week I make my husband and myself a crab-cake, with a scoop of mash potatoes and a salad OR a bleu cheese burger with all the fixings and a vegetable.

6 pm Label and package gift books for a local Pinellas County Teacher's Tribute.

ON Tuesdays - we go to the beach for Sunset til almost 8 pm - a wonderful routine - I get very little done on Tuesday nights. I read and walk while on the beach.

6:30 pm - writing on the next novel - drink water

8:30 pm - break to watch a show we taped - no eating after 8 pm - drink water

9 pm - Pay bills, as needed.

9:30 pm get ready for bed, write a little more - drink water

11pm read - I am currently enjoying Winter's Bone - take night vitamins - drink water

11:30 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

This lovely lady is my mother.
She loves to play scrabble and read.
We play scrabble a lot.

These were the letters she drew at the beginning of a game with my sister.

I love this photo, because mom looks so pretty with her hair down and she only wears it down when my sister fixes her hair. We all have a job to do when it comes to our parents. Right?

My sister cuts and sometimes colors her hair, gives mom a mani pedi and makes her look pretty. My job is to help mom feel secure.

Since this is Mother's Day weekend, may you enjoy time with your mother, or enjoy your memories of your mother. I am pretty sure we'll be playing scrabble and going lunch. Our routine.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Four book goal

Sorry I have been absent for so long.

I met many of you at Wondercon in LA in March, as well as at YP Comiccon, Ocala in April. 

From there I stopped in at the Romantic Times Convention in Vegas and also took a much needed break to recharge my writing battery.

While in Vegas my husband, Tom and I visited Red Rock Canyon, The Valley of Fire and Hoover Dam. The cost to see all three was $17 for the both of us. $0 for Hoover Dam, $7 a car for RRC and $10 a car for TVOF. Well worth the expense of a rental car at $55 a day.

This past weekend I learned more about screenwriting and the film business at Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida.

And if you didn't know, I work a full time job as a sales rep for and I do everything else as time permits. Mostly weekends.

So on the slate this year: The 3rd book in the St. Blair series, The Diary of St. Blair; the 3rd book in the Marquel series, Marquel's Redemption; a stand-alone thriller and a new middle grade series about some ghostly beings.

So stay tuned!!

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Sign up at the website for emails and send me pictures of you at your favorite bookstore or library and tell me where it is. I love visiting new places.

Happy Summer reading!