Friday, November 6, 2015

St. Blair: Sybille's Reign is released!

I am so behind in my blogging. Well, I just got back from Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta which is the convention for The Walking Dead television show.

What a unique crowd! I love all the character costumes and the fan's passion for the story.
That is what inspires me. Seeing fans cos-playing their favorite characters.
To think that I could someday see my characters walking around would thrill me to no end!

Which brings me to the newly released, St. Blair: Sybille's Reign. The characters that developed in this story are so cool. I don't boast because I wrote them, but because they presented themselves to me. You'll now meet Eston's fellow Quad leaders in the other three Quadrants of the world, as well as a lot of demons!

For those who read the first book and were puzzled by the storytelling, that was intentional. The story bounced between diary and future characters similar to a movie scenes. However in the new book, St. Blair: Sybille's Reign the storytelling is more straight forward as Blair is involved with Sybille and the action is the driver.

Next I want to discuss saving the world... well, how Sybille does. But that's for another post.