Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summer pick-me-up

This has been an amazing summer!

I am ever grateful to Miami SuperCon and Tampa Bay Comic Con for the awesome crowds and response I've had for "St. Blair: Children of the Night." I beat all my records in book sales and feedback. These events have given me the drive to exceed expectations and give readers more of what they are looking for.

My YA novel is an unconventional read I'm told, it builds to the conclusion and you have to keep up with the scenes to dial in for the finale. I didn't choose this format, it chose me.

The St. Blair series is tough to write.

I try as hard as I can to keep St. Michael on the page, but he wanders off to battle demons and leaves me.

He is a magnificent being and doesn't take direction from mere mortals. He dictates his story to me and I comply. Then he is off to the next battle.

I definitely identify with Sybille's frustration a great deal. People in her life go missing when she needs them or pop up unexpectedly and want her to save them from peril. What is a girl to do?

My favorite person is St. Blair. I so enjoy hanging out with her. She is the epitome of who I want to be. She has a since of humor, shows up when you need her and will bring reinforcements if the occasion calls for such. She has total faith that God will provide and doesn't do the heavy lifting for you, but instead supports you on the task.

All writing releases something in the author that they didn't know about themselves. I sometimes don't understand where a new character comes from or their mission, but I let them in. I have not thrown a character out of a book yet. Maybe I should? But I am not sure if the story would be complete otherwise.

So I continue as the agents and publishers encourage. Write the story that is in you.

To my readers, thank you for taking the journey. I hope to keep you busy.