Sunday, April 5, 2015

The book that surprised me!

I just published Marquel's Dilemma. I love these characters! I can't wait for you to meet the new cast members.

What is now book two in a three book "Marquel" series, would never have happened if it weren't for Judy Roe, Roxanne Smith and Robyn Fairbanks. These women fueled my desire to write a sequel. More responded later and I am equally grateful to Bunny Cates who connected me with Lani Skuthorpe. Lani was a beta reader of Marquel's Dilemma and is a fan of the first book.

I have often said that I have a difficult time hanging out with my character Marquel. She pulls at my heartstrings and brings me down to a dark place. However, the plot for the sequel never took flight if I am honest.

I started with my outline and these people: Marquel, Zach, Isabel, Jackie, Ken Avery and Collins took over. My original plot for Marquel's Dilemma is now going to be the outline for a 3rd book, Marquel's Redemption. If they take me on another detour, this may become a serial or who knows? A television series?

I hope those who discover Marquel's Dilemma will read Marquel first. I wrote the sequel in 40 days, which is a record. I wrote Marquel in 52 days. My other series St. Blair: Children of the Night took a good few years to write book one. I will be writing Marquel's Redemption this summer and we'll see how long that one takes. The film script for the first book is complete, but under revision.

For everyone who encourages an author, you are blessing the world with more stories. Thank you!