Friday, June 20, 2014

15-year-olds unite!

    So I was on the Southern Literary Trail site (I say "so" way too much) looking for places to go in Florida and discovered we must be an island, because it seems we've been cut off the Southern trail?
I need to have a talk with these people! We've got authors as well as sand, sharks, attractions and alligators. We deserve to be recognized! Can I get a witness?

   Anyway, as I was looking around and I found this quote from one of my favorite authors. Actually,  Margaret (Gone With The Wind) Mitchell is my favorite. I discover we have a writer's bond that begun when we were 15.

     At 15 she wanted to do great things. At 15 I wanted to do great things! Do you see where this is going?  Mine weren't as noble as hers, but I set a goal to have a daughter named Marquel and write a book with that title. I have done that. She set out to be a writer and she wrote a phonebook of a novel (For millennials who don't use phonebooks, that means a thick novel). I also had a daughter named Blair and titled a book after her, St. Blair: Children of the Night. Together my novels don't have as many words as GWTW. But that doesn't change the fact that Margaret and I were amazingly determined 15-year-olds. Right?

    Now, I'm no Margaret Mitchell, but I am hoping to be the Susan Boyle of Writing (she's the Britain's Got Talent winner). I will be the United States Late Bloomer Overnight Author Sensation! I picked it, people. The United States Late Bloomer Overnight Author Sensation, soon. Very soon. You can't take it. Make up your own status. No copying. I already have the ability to make this happen! Remember, the 15-year-old me? I got this down.

   This will also be timed with the discovery of our amazingly talented daughters. Look around the blog, people. My kids are plastered all over. Share their story. Grow the vision. I need to get on with the U.S. Overnight Sensation thing so I can live the dream. Late Bloomer means now, I'm not any getting younger.

    While I am at it, I will manifest that my husband get a great role in a commercial with the Dos Equis guy. The Most-Uninteresting-Man-in-the-World meets The-Most-Interesting-Man-in-the-World. Whoa, I sound like Chris Jenner booking everyone in house. Slow down, film mom.

  Just kidding, Tom. Tom is my husband. It's a commercial, Tom, not real life. But I know you just want to drink a Dos Equis with the Dos Equis guy. We'll go for that. Or a Depends commercial. What? It pays!

   Sorry I took that break to talk with Tom, so if you want to see any great Southern Literary landmarks go to the site listed below and tell them I sent you. Also, tell them to have some respect for Florida! Because the United States Late Bloomer Overnight Author Sensation Emily Skinner resides there!