Saturday, April 27, 2013

Film Mom meets Movie Reviewer's Dad

Ok, so my day job is marketing and I work with every type of client from small to large businesses. During the process of learning about a new client's business, Unconditional Love Pet Care, I learned that Philip Harloff is the very proud father of Kristian Harloff, one of the Schmoes Know film reviewers. The other Schmoe is Mark Ellis.

Crazy how we parents find others equally proud of their up-and-coming offspring. My teacher husband, Tom and I also attended the Sunscreen Film Festival last week, where our daughter Blair's "Relative Eternity" was an official selection in 2012. And, we followed that up with a trip to the SEmmy's (film festival/digital awards) at St. Petersburg College Tuesday, where Blair is an alum and won Best Director 2009 for her noir short "Three's A Crowd." Blair wasn't here for either, but we continue to follow the next to move up the ladder and cheer them on.

Anyway back to the Schmoes...

As I understand, these guys were small fish in the Hollywood pond and while pursuing comedic and film ventures, decided to get into the movie reviewing biz. So I went to youtube and started to watch clips and podcasts and I'm just crazy impressed by their knowledge of b-movie actors and cult classics. They are also comic book geeks and having attended our 2nd Tampa Comic Con this year, I kinda get that, too.

So I really hope Hollywood continues to embrace these guys and others like them. The world could use a few more Schmoes!