Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Volume control PLEASE!

I don't know about you, but I'm really getting frustrated with the volume of movie previews, trailers and action scenes. It's to the point that I cover my ears!
I have a hearing loss and I am very appreciative for the gift of hearing and my doctors have told me that loud concerts, fireworks and noise that is excessively loud is unhealthy for me and will speed up more loss.
So I'm wondering, what studies are out there to show how society hears today vs. decades or centuries ago?
I'm sure the industrial revolution sped up hearing loss for factory workers and the invention of TV and radio gave people more to listen to, but what of the first transistor radios? And it's already reported that ipods are causing hearing loss, but how about cellphones, the music played loudly in bars, coffeehouses and concerts?
I've not researched the blogs that I'm sure report on these stats, but I want to make a request to all businesses.
Turn down the volume!
Give us a chance to hear each talk and in a film, for Pete's sake, please have some common sense on the sound mixing. I'm going to boycott promotions and commercials that just are extreme in their loudness. I'm going to walkout and get my money back, if theater's insistent on injuring our hearing health and wait the film to hit DVD.
Come on, people. Do you really want to wear hearing aids at younger ages, because you're headed there. Express yourself, ask them to turn down the volume and don't accept the excuse that it's set by the management.
And for those talented actors who like to whispertalk like you, John Malkovich, remind the sound guys to give us some volume on your dialogue but bring it back down when the other actor responds. I'm a big Malkovich fan, but close caption is the only way to watch your films.
So to recap. Volume up for whispertalk. Volume down on just about everything else.