Monday, October 3, 2011

Remembering Harry Whittington

Well,  I'm pulling an 8 hour Saturday on the new novel, all but the mini-break I am taking to write this post. My work as a sales consultant aside from being a wife, mother and daughter consumes most of my hours. Writing is very hard work when you strive to do a solid job and then you're still not sure.

I have been reminiscing about my mentor, Harry Whittingon, a master of pulp novels, westerns, screenplays, romance novels and more. I hope you are with me in spirit today, Harry, because I could use your fortitude!

Harry was a full time author and wrote as a means to feed his family. That's a tough job in any era. Just the pressure of being the breadwinner is enough to squash the creative process. It's hard to believe 22 years have passed since we worked together.

I just did an internet search and found a picture that I took of Harry. See above. I took that picture when I was writing for a local beach paper! I was surprised to see it and it made me go on a hunt for the article I wrote. Naturally, I have my clippings stored in boxes and my first search didn't produce the article and I haven't the time to continue the hunt til another weekend.
The website does a nice job of reprinting Harry's bio from his Black Lizard books.

Anyway, I'll save my Harry stories for a book tour once I'm done with "St. Blair: Children of the Night." I've got to get back to writing.