Monday, May 9, 2016

A Day In The Life Of An Indie Author

6 a.m. Eat a banana and drink a dandelion tea with raw honey - take my vitamins - read the daily entry of Living Faith and pray for those who have asked for prayers as well as for all our family and friends.

6:30 am Goal setting - review what didn't get done yesterday and plan for:
1# My Day Job - Valpak sales
#2 My Family projects (a notebook with Estate Planning stuff)
#3 Writing / Author related projects

I printed off Brendon Burchard's High Performance Academy worksheet (see below)

after my daughter Blair sent me a link to his video (I review videos in the evening about 9:30pm when I get my other things done)

7:30 am Eat a slice of toast, a boiled egg and 4 cubes of cut fruit and a bottle of water
Start working on the emails for work and presentation materials for clients

9 am - Stretch, make a latte, eat a few almonds, make phone calls to clients and prospects

10 am - 5 p.m. head out the door for meetings and cold calling, lunch and such

5:30 pm Make a light meal, at least once a week I make my husband and myself a crab-cake, with a scoop of mash potatoes and a salad OR a bleu cheese burger with all the fixings and a vegetable.

6 pm Label and package gift books for a local Pinellas County Teacher's Tribute.

ON Tuesdays - we go to the beach for Sunset til almost 8 pm - a wonderful routine - I get very little done on Tuesday nights. I read and walk while on the beach.

6:30 pm - writing on the next novel - drink water

8:30 pm - break to watch a show we taped - no eating after 8 pm - drink water

9 pm - Pay bills, as needed.

9:30 pm get ready for bed, write a little more - drink water

11pm read - I am currently enjoying Winter's Bone - take night vitamins - drink water

11:30 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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