Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2020 Author Goals

Here's a recap of 2019

All authors enjoy learning, I believe. It's part of the research and storytelling processing.

We also like to know what other professionals do and recommend.

I took Dan (The DaVinci Code) Brown's Masterclass in 2019 and I have to say, for anyone who wants to write their own book, his Masterclass on Masterclass.com is the best. I enjoyed James Patterson, and Margaret Atwood too, but Dan gives solid details. Check it out

What else did I do?

I transcribed my 2x great grandmother's diary and published it. Until We Sleep Our Last Sleep is available on all major book sites. I have links on my site as well. The diary is exact and takes place from 1889 to 1930. It offers inspiration and insight for anyone who suffers from doubt, chronic illness and depression. Emily Millikan Blair ages with confidence through her daily journaling of faith. It seems that simple, but it's not. She was a wife, mother, sister, aunt -- disabled and depressed, yet discovers in her daily hand-to-brain activity of affirmation and prayer a healing exercise. I believe anyone who suffers as she did, would find comfort in her words.
I also worked with my daughter Marquel to market our short film Dough Nuts And More, my first short film script that my daughters Marquel and Blair made and entered into festivals. We received a nomination for Best Comedy Short from Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida. As well, we screened at Hollywood Short & Sweet in Los Angeles, Orlando Film Festival and received an Honorable Mention From Santa Monica Film Festival.

Since then, I've written a feature film, outlined another film and I'm hoping to pitch at film markets this year. This is all sounds like I know a lot, but I don't. I'm learning as I go.


Which segues to my next "to do." I've been told by many people that I should create a podcast. Do you listen to podcasts? Mine would be about my personal journey writing that includes some famous and not so famous people and all the perils of daily life that go into fulfilling what I believe to be my destiny. Becoming a fulltime author/screenwriter.

So with that said, my 2020 Goals:

Learn to podcast
  1. Write a new stand-alone thriller and publish it in 2020
  2. Write a feature film and learn to pitch
  3. Grow my street team of readers and share fun goodies in appreciation
  4. Hold another book talk. In 2019 I held a genealogy talk around the transcribing of the diary
  5. Shoot Documentary footage in the High Point, N.C. area where the diary is based
  6. Blog as time permits.
 Well, I have rewrites on the feature, so I'll sign off.

Keep in touch,

Emily Skinner

typos happen - I apologize for any that distracted you

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